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Best Disposable Vape Flavours to Try in 2023

Best Disposable Vape Flavours to Try in 2023

There are so many different e-liquids available when using a vape pen. There are many different vape juice companies, and each brand offers a wide variety of flavours, so there is something for everyone. Finding an e-liquid that you love using frequently can take some time.

While your unique taste preferences will play a role in the flavours you enjoy, some flavours seem to be more well-liked by those who are new to vaping than others. Keep reading if you’re thinking about switching from tobacco cigarettes to a vape device and are unsure which vape liquid to start with, and buy Dragbar Disposable Pod Online. There’s a list of disposable vape pods in New Zealand here!

Disposable pod strawberry ice cream

Without a huge scoop of strawberry ice cream perched atop a wafer cone, a day at the beach wouldn’t be complete. This delicious sip of sunny nirvana frequently only occurs once a year. With the Strawberry Ice Cream vape juice, you can travel back to the summer to enjoy sweet, creamy, and juicy moments all year. Making the ideal strawberry ice cream flavour is difficult. You need a hand-picked punnet of delectable strawberries, a creamy thickness of happy moos, and the delicate nudge of vanilla.

Disposable pod cotton candy ice

With each draw, Cotton Candy Ice’s intensely sweet flavour will bring back childhood memories of the fair. It is a deliciously nostalgic flavour. The cold menthol flavour combines the sweet, sugary candy-floss flavour. This combination is ideal for transforming your favourite cotton candy flavour into a wonderfully sweet and frosty chilly variation. As you savor your beloved fluffy pink Cotton Candy delight, you will feel a gentle sea breeze brushing your face.

Disposable pod grape

One of the most popular flavours of vape juice is vape e-liquid. Because of its rich, sweet, and tangy flavour, grape types have become very popular among vapers. Dragbar offers vape juices that have the flavour and taste of many grapes. Our selection features traditional flavours from only the best brands for people like you who adore plain but extraordinary fruity grape flavors.

Disposable pod cool mint

Cool Mint is a basic mint flavour that has been expertly made, perfectly balanced, and designed to have a smooth, calming taste of spearmint that will awaken the senses and taste receptors. A highly potent but not overpowering mint flavour is produced during the inhalation, which will engulf your taste buds and conquer your palate. The cold mint flavour lingers on the tip of your tongue and is there throughout, leaving a lingering flavour imprint.

Disposable pod blueberry

A sweet and somewhat tangy nic salt called “Blue Berry Flavour” can sate any sweet tooth! This single-use pod has an exterior that resembles a hard blueberry and an interior that tastes like a sour raspberry chew. It is an e-juice version of a berry lover’s fantasy! Don’t be the last person to attempt this.

Disposable pod mango

The flavour characteristic of mango will delight your taste senses! Fresh strawberries from the garden and tropical mangoes are the flavours featured in this premium vape pod. This flavour is incredible and is not a drink to be taken lightly. This taste is ideal for you if you enjoy mango or fruit-flavored e-juices.

Disposable pod peach ice

Combining ice-cold menthol experiences with delectable, ripe peach flavour ideas creates a flavour profile that will send your taste buds into the next decade. As you start to breathe in, the flavourings of the luscious peaches are quickly produced. Due to how perfectly the flavours are produced, the brain starts to believe that you are biting into a peach.

Disposable pod cream tobacco

No other tobacco taste on the market today compares to cream tobacco's superior smooth tobacco flavour. American Patriots consistently appear to be recommended by users looking for a robust tobacco flavour that is difficult to obtain in other e-liquids. This robust tobacco flavour provided by Dragbar’s disposable vape NZ is a shining illustration of the tobacco craze sweeping the vaping community.


Your options for e-juice are countless, whether you favour fruity flavors, menthol, or even tobacco taste. But that doesn't imply that all e-liquids compatible with the Dragbar vape pen are created equally.

The vape juices listed above represent the best vape flavours according to our readers who have purchased elf bar disposable vape online. However, they only scratch the surface of what is available to vapers. Since COTD have a variety of disposable pod vape NZ, we suggest you stick around to find your jam!

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