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Catch of the Day Vapes Collections

We have you covered whether you want advanced e-cigarettes for the finest e-liquid/e-juice hits or vape starter kits. Coils, chargers, cables, tanks, and batteries are included in NZ vaping supplies like the Elfbar, Zovoo, Voopoo or Uwell Caliburn pod starter kits.

We have rapidly expanded to establish ourselves as a household name in the vaping industry, particularly in disposable vapes. From our original flagship disposable vape series to new brands, we have grown our disposable line to include a variety of product lines, making playful changes to flavour, design, and ergonomics while maintaining the essential quality of being a flavour-first provider.

A Leading Vape Supplier in Auckland - Buy Authentic Vape in NZ online with the best prices.

The NZ vape wholesale distributor COTD sells products for smoking and vaping. The idea behind our Vape's founding was to sell and distribute genuine vape juice supplies at the lowest cost. In contrast to offshore vape product providers who give discounts for defective and fake items, we aim to offer our wholesale customers high-quality products from actual wholesalers.

Working with us will provide you with the business-to-business support you need. You can contact us by phone or email whether you're placing an order or have a query or problem following our NZ vape suppliers. We can guarantee real products because we purchase directly from manufacturers, thus our name. Our liquid vape wholesale prices also need to match.

Get Ready to Grab the Best Vape Online

Regarding e-juices, we offer you the most well-liked NZ vape wholesale premium juice brands. We regularly scan the marketplace to identify the most well-liked and sought-after juices. We are the only ones in New Zealand who distribute several popular wholesale vape juice supplies brands!

We do not repackage the juice or add our nicotine, in contrast to other distributors. It is blended, packaged, labelled, and bottled when we import it from the US. We sell it in its original packaging, just as we receive it. There is nothing added or changed in any way. Don't settle for the e-juice that others have nicked and bottled; get the original New Zealand vaping supplies!

Why Choose Catch Of The Day in NZ for your Vaping

Our warehouse is well stocked, and we prioritise sending you high-quality vape juice suppliers in NZ. Have you had problems purchasing goods, such as low product quality, expensive delivery costs, exorbitant wait times, or minimum order requirements? If so, you've found the proper site. The following are the main advantages of working with us.

  • NO restrictions for minimum orders.
  • Get our vape wholesale distributor discount coupons and our best wholesale prices.
  • No costs for bank transfers.
  • The majority of purchases are sent and packed on the same day.
  • Your order will typically arrive in 1 to 5 days, given that we are in Canada.
  • As one of the top vape suppliers in Auckland, we concentrate on the highest calibre
  • "BEASTLY" goods available right now, enabling you to command more money and set yourself apart from competitors.

  • Unbeatable Price

    The lowest cost of vaping products in NZ

  • Wide Range of Quality Products

    Plenty of unique brands available

  • Unmatched Customer Service

    Responsive and seamless consultations

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  • 100% NZ-owned company

    We are here to support local business by sourcing out NZ-made vape juices and offering retailers quality products.

  • One Stop Vape Shop

    COTD offers high quality vaping and smoking products, unique brands, and a collection of top brand juices.

  • Fast Delivery

    The majority of purchases are sent and packed on the same day. Your order will typically arrive in 1 to 5 days.

  • Exclusive Deals

    We offer exclusive vape wholesale distributor discount coupons and best wholesale prices.

  • Valued Partnership

    We value our resellers by ensuring excellent and lasting relationships for a mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Hassle-free and Affordable Transactions

    We have no restrictions for minimum orders and no costs for bank transfers.

  • First-rate Customer Service

    We provide unmatched customer service everyday throughout the entire industry.

  • Highest Calibre Products

    As one of the top vape suppliers, we have “beastly” goods available, enabling you to command more money.

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Crystal Box Shine for you. A visually striking box that captures attention. Experience the elegance of macarons boasting unique colors and a velvety surface that provides a satisfying feel in your hands.

No more “cloudless” vaping. Enhance your vaping experience with our groundbreaking Type-C charging port design, offering up to 5000 puffs for extended enjoyment with 10 flavours to choose from!

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ZOVOO DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition

The DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition from ZOVOO presents a fresh combination of flavors as well as an enhanced visual design, marked by a gradient-style color scheme that makes it especially eye-catching.

The DRAGBAR B5000 Cosmic Edition features a sleek design and offers up to 5000 puffs. It is composed of a blend of fresh fruit flavors, providing an enhanced taste and voluminous clouds. Enjoy a groundbreaking vaping experience that will elevate your expectations

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