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A Complete Guide to Cleaning & Caring for Your Vape Kit

A Complete Guide to Cleaning & Caring for Your Vape Kit

A great vaping experience that lasts doesn't necessitate the finest vape tank or even the priciest gadget from vape suppliers in Auckland. We are one of New Zealand's top brands for high-quality vape products and exceptional customer service, so we know how crucial it is to keep your vape kit clean.

In addition to being a good hygiene practice, maintaining vape supplies in Auckland is essential for long-term use and the best way to maximize performance. For the most extended possible vape lifespan, preserve your vape supplies in NZ by keeping them clean and free of debris, as we detail below.

1. Structure of a Vape

You must first comprehend the parts of your vaporizer to follow our cleaning advice. Three main parts typically make up a pen-style vaporizer from a vape wholesale distributor.

The e-liquid is stored in the vape device tank, which is typically a single unit with the atomizer.

2. E-liquid is heated by a coil, which creates vapour

The battery serves as the device's power supply. Possibility of temperature and voltage control. The battery is housed inside the housing of vape mods.
Box mods are built similarly but have more extensive housing and powerful batteries. A vape box frequently produces more vapour, delivers a more satisfying sensation in the mouth, and enhances the flavours of vape juice from wholesale vape NZ as a result of this increased power.

3. When Should You Clean Your Vaping Equipment?

The user of the vape pen from vape wholesale directly impacts cleaning and the demand for cleaning. Medium smokers only need to wash up occasionally or properly once per month. Simply of how filthy their pens from wholesale vape juice can become after numerous uses, the more frequently people who smoke are required to perform the majority of routine wash-ups. Heavy and seasoned vapers vaping nicotine supplier NZ must clean their vaporizer at least once weekly. This results from their daily puff, which can occur more than 100 times.

Vape washing doesn't take much time, but it must be done frequently. Your vapour might suffer as a result if not. It loses its flavour, and the formerly present puffy clouds are even gone!

4. Cleaning Your Vape Tank

Wiping the outside of your vaping products with a single-use, sanitized cloth is insufficient. Vapes from vaping supplies in Auckland are made up of numerous tiny, complicated structures that are easily contaminated. Prioritize your tank first.

5. Empty the Juice Tank

After disassembling the vape from the vape wholesale supply, place the tank aside and drain the juice from it. Be careful when taking this action. Timing is everything.

6. Remove the Coil from the Tank

The oil needs to be removed from the tank as the next step. Place the coil apart, but keep it within easy reach. Next, we'll discuss that.

7. Thoroughly rinse the tank with warm water

Operate the tank underneath a warm-water faucet. Shocking the tank's interior with extreme cold or heat is not a good idea. But use rinsing to remove as much of the excessive accumulation as possible.

8. Infuse the Tank

Consider leaving the tank from vaping supplies to rehydrate in a water container for a thorough cleaning. All other components, except the coil (which we'll discuss separately) and the battery, can also be discarded.

9. Implementing a cleaning agent

If you want to be extra thorough, dab a non-abrasive scrubber with some cleaning solution such as vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap. This will allow you to wash and completely dry the tank gently.


The simplest way to achieve peak performance is with a clean vape. Vape wholesale juice's ingredients typically won't leave stains on your equipment, but residue will build up and eventually impair performance. Coils are infamous for getting gunked up by vegetable glycerin, some darker e-juice flavourings, and especially sweet flavours. A clogged coil will produce less flavour and vapour and may cause your vape to taste burnt.

Your vape package will last a long time with just a little routine maintenance, and you can break the cycle of discarding old kits and replacing them. Additionally, cleaning your vape equipment by the vape supplier every few months will ensure you get the most flavour and power out of your vape supply in NZ.

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