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Ways to Choose the Right Nicotine for Your E-Juice

Ways to Choose the Right Nicotine for Your E-Juice

These are some keywords people always search on Google to select the right e-juice for their vaping devices. Well, that’s true because choosing the best e-juice in NZ for your vape is quite a tedious task. You need to be very sure about the nicotine level of your e-juice that can affect your health.

Hence, in today’s guide, we have brought you the best ways to buy vape juice online NZ based on your nicotine tolerance level.

How to Choose the Best e-Juice for Your Vaping Device?

To choose the best online e-juice in NZ, you must consider the following three factors:

1. There is a Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

People who are habitual of smoking always choose the nicotine level based on the amount in their cigarettes. However, some recent studies have found that even after one hour of continuous vaping, you do not absorb as much nicotine as you do during normal smoking. Hence, you should only consider this factor while choosing the best e-juice NZ for your vaping device.

2. The Vaping Device You Choose Greatly Affects the Nicotine Level

Besides the amount, the device you choose for your vaping also impacts the nicotine level. For instance, if you choose a disposable vape pen, you will easily get a variation matching the level of a cigarette, i.e., 5% or 5mg/ml. However, with a pod system, you can easily adjust your nicotine intake level.

Hence, you must select a proper vaping device that matches your habits. That means, if you are transitioning to the e-vapes, then you must go for disposable vape pens. However, pod systems are the best if you want to lower the nicotine level and try new flavors.

3. Your Past Smoking Habits Determine the Level of Nicotine in Your Vape Juice

Lastly, your past smoking habits also affect the level of nicotine you want when you buy e-juice NZ. The best e-juice depends on how much nicotine you were intaking during the past few years/months.

That means, if you were a chain smoker, the level of nicotine you would want in your best e-juice would be more than 25%. However, if you have quit smoking for a long time, your best e-juice in NZ would be below 5% nicotine.


To conclude, we can say that the vaping industry has come a long way in transforming smoking habits and promoting a healthy lifestyle for people. Today, customers can easily buy e-juice online NZ with the multiple levels of nicotine that they require. That helps them make their transition easier and even allows them to lower their nicotine intake while enjoying various flavors. Hence, you should also consider this guide when seeking the best way to choose the nicotine level in your online e-juice NZ.

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