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Disposable Vs. POD Vapes: Best for the Beginners

Disposable Vs. POD Vapes: Best for the Beginners

The rapid surge in the vaping market has recently brought a boom in the e-smoking sector. People purchase many beginner-friendly vaping devices that offer users convenience and limit the smoke and other health issues caused by cigarettes. However, earlier, when pod vapes dominated the vaping market, a new member was gaining huge momentum. Yes, we are talking about disposable pods.

Disposable pods are the current trend in the vaping market, creating a new level of a boom in the industry. Although pod vapes and disposable vapes are both compact pen-style vaping devices, the convenience offered by disposable vape pens creates a new comfort for the users.

But, what is the difference between a traditional pod vape and a disposable vape pen, and why do people shop disposable pods online NZ more frequently? Let’s find answers to all such questions!

Difference between Disposable Vape Pens and Pod Vapes

Disposable vape pens and pod systems are both excellent options in the vaping industry. However, some differences in the working of both the vapes make them distinguished from each other.

Disposable vape pen e-hookah is made for single use. While people shop disposable pods online in New Zealand for one-time purposes, the pod systems can be used repeatedly by recharging their batteries.

Another difference is that disposable vapes are smaller and can work with 800 puffs depending on your vaping style and capacity. However, you can endlessly use the pod systems with various flavors, which is impossible with disposable vape pens.

Disposable Pods Vs. Pod Vapes - Which One to Buy Online NZ

Now that you know the major differences between a disposable vape pen and a pod system let us find which of them is the best option for beginners.


Cost is one of the major aspects that separate disposable vape pens from pod systems. While vaping is considered the most cost-effective and secure system compared to traditional smoking of cigarettes, it is essential to know which vaping device to buy online in New Zealand. Although people shop disposable pods online in NZ for lower costs, they only tend to work for single use.

That means you will have to buy disposable pods after every use. But, that’s not the case with pod systems. Even though they are costly, they come with a rechargeable battery that allows the users to use them repeatedly without extra spending.


Disposable vape pens are used for a single time. Hence, you can only use a specific flavor, and to try the other flavors, you will need to buy disposable pods online in New Zealand. However, you can try as many flavors as you want with the same device with pod systems.

Brand Restrictions

Every vaping device from different brands has different features. Sometimes, the disposable vape pen e-hookah offers you less smoke, while the other disposable vape pen may provide you with better smoke. That thing can only be known when you try different brands.

However, that is not possible with pod systems. Since they are expensive, an average user only buys a pod system once. However, you can shop disposable pods as often as possible since a single piece costs less than pod systems. Hence, people buy disposable vape pods in NZ to try various brands.

Environment Friendly

Disposable vape pens are less environmentally friendly as they are of no use after a single use. You will have to throw them out and shop for a new disposable vape pen online in NZ. However, the pod systems are more environmentally friendly as they stay for a longer time and create less e-wastage.


So, many of you might have these questions about which vaping device to buy. Should we shop for disposable pods or buy pod systems online in NZ? Well, the answer is that you can buy anything you like per your requirements.

Yes, you heard it right! Every vaping device has its own pros and cons. For instance, buying numerous disposable pods is higher than buying pod systems. However, disposable vape pens allow you to try different brands. Hence, you can list your requirements and analyze the two options to choose the best one!

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